Create the Life You Love

image of Vicky Aldana, sitting on a coach, looking ahead

Every single moment, we are making a choice — to lean into the electric vulnerability of this life, or to withdraw into the comfort of what we already know. Most people make this choice unconsciously, from default.

Coaching makes the unconscious conscious, illuminating what we actually want in life and the steps to get there.

Vicky Aldana, Life Coach and Guide

My name is

Vicky Aldana

I am an experienced life coach and guide, deeply passionate about supporting my clients as they discover their true nature, their shadow and their light.

My work is multi-faceted and unique, informed by a mosaic of experiences both lived and trained. With one foot in the modern world, and another in ancient tradition, I serve as a bridge in supporting you to reconnect to yourself, your purpose, and living a life aligned with your highest potential.


Vicky brings life-changing awareness to each coaching session through power, vulnerability, and empathy. I learn there is no right way, just my way, and that there’s value in who I am rather than what I accomplish. I now have a vulnerable relationship with myself and with others, put myself first, and know my own north star.
– Samantha
Start-Up Operations, Salt Lake City, UT
I learned to harness my own power, my essence, shadow, and how to feel my emotions. I learned that I conceptually understood a lot of “personal growth stuff” but I needed to apply that into real life. I thought I loved myself, but with the tenderness and attention I put inward, there is now connection, closeness, and heightened awareness. I no longer feel short in my relationship to myself. I also met a great guy and created the relationship of my dreams!

– Sanam
Pharmacist, Los Angeles, CA

Get Started on the Life You Love


Own your desires

When you get clear on your desires and goals, you begin the first step.


Get honest with yourself

Start being radically honest with yourself and your self-awareness becomes the antidote to your self-sabotage.


Take inspired action

From beliefs and thoughts YOU choose, act in ways that align with you and create the life you love.

Loving Your Life Is Actually Your Birthright

Quit handing over the preciousness of true satisfaction and fulfillment to circumstances outside of you.
Own your grandiosity.

Vicky Aldana