I believe owning your greatness and your power is not only the key to your fulfillment, but the key to transforming the world.
Vicky Aldana, Life Coach and Guide

My name is

Vicky Aldana

As a Venezuelan-American first generation woman, I’ve longed to find ‘home’. This longing has led me to research for many years, far and wide and across the world. The teachings I have collected along the way have immensely impacted me, delivering me to one sure truth: the answers are within. Though it was nerve-wracking at first, I took the plunge…inward…and my life has never been the same since.

The fruits of my continual journeying have been generous, and it’s my intention to be of service to you at whichever juncture you currently find yourself in. I am a guide, and I have a map, and have traveled the paths myself. And my innermost intention is to be of service to you, guiding you towards wherever you want to go.

With years of practical, on-the-ground coaching experience, I create a space of total permission – a place for you to show up exactly as you are, and an opportunity for you to be radically honest.

Self-examination and reflection, with empowered action, have the power to radically transform your life. Let me show you how.


Since working together, I have greater awareness of how I show up, fully present in my power, and completely in my essence. I see clearly my automatic behaviors that drag me back into survival. My favorite breakthrough is finding the source of a decade-long sadness. My longing was not for a specific person or event, but for how I showed up in my fullness. I now remember I am fun, have the ability to be present with people, and lean into uncomfortable conversations. Vicky is humor, intelligence, and magic!
- Etienne
Founder of 7CTOs, San Diego, CA
I identified how I show up in the world, and how the people I love see me. With this information, I talk down to myself less and my inner critic is but a passing presence whereas before working with Vicky, I would spend hours spiraling on negative self-judgment. Now, I’m aware that I’m a boss bitch 😂. I am fully capable of sustaining myself and have everything I need to do what I want in life. From my time working with Vicky, I got an evolved version of myself.
- Jasmine
Botanist, San Diego, CA
My coaching sessions with Vicky led me to gain a greater clarity of the relationship I wanted with myself. I gained more fuel for the fiery purpose that keeps me warm on cold days when things don't seem to be going well and learned that trusting myself is not only okay, but a requirement for my own personal fulfillment. My most powerful breakthrough with Vicky was the realization that my feelings matter. To sum it all up, it was a fun, powerful, and rewarding experience that led to personal growth.
- Andre
Singer, Provo, UT
I want everyone to experience how much you can get from really tuning into yourself. Coaching with Vicky changed a lot of the communication in my relationship, allowed more play, and I’ve seen such a difference before and after my wedding. When I stepped back and stopped blaming her for what was wrong in our relationship and took a look inwards, things really opened up. I let go of obligation and no longer take things personally. Vicky is amazing; I have so much gratitude for how she held and supported me in my transformation.
- Geena
Public Relations, Los Angeles, CA